Yah Mon, No Problem!  Spring Break in Negril, Jamaica is paradise for those looking to escape it all. A place to unwind, have fun and chill or party on the beach day and night. Negril is a true Caribbean experience featuring an unspoiled, clothing optional, 7 mile stretch of white sand beach, open air bars and restaurants and 5 miles of breathtaking cliffs. Come see why people come back to Negril again and again.

  • World Famous 7 Mile Beach

  • Cliff Jumping off of 5 Miles of Coral Cliffs

  • Famous Sunsets at Rick's Cafe

  • Decriminalized Ganja

  • Live Concerts Every Night

  • “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!”

Package Includes

Round Trip Airfare (exclude Hotel Only)
Hotel Accommodations
Meals and Drinks Included
Optional Round trip Airport transfers
24/7 Professional Onsite Staff
Free Daily Pool/Beach Parties



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Fun Holiday is the most popular Spring Break property in Negril. This 42 room property is located on Negril's 7-mile beach smack in the middle of everything a Spring Breaker would want to be near. Across the street is Negril's largest indoor nightclub "The Jungle", and the hotel is located walking distance to the biggest party in Jamaica, Margaritaville.

per night

Going to Negril for Spring Break...Merrils is a place to be. There are 3 Merrils properties in a row and all are located in the middle of the 7 mile strip of beach in Negril and walking distance to it all. Merrils allows you to use all 3 of their properties!

Experience Negril

General Information

Jamaica Spring Break started with Sun Splash Tours where we live by the mentality, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!” In 1987, we brought Spring Breakers to Negril, a sleepy fishing village and it’s never been the same. Negril Jamaica’s seven-mile beach offers laid back charm and a never ending party for Spring Breakers looking to escape the in-your-face Cancun Spring Break environment.

Uncover Negril’s best kept secret, five miles of winding coral cliffs. Spend Jamaica Spring Break cliff-diving, snorkeling and exploring underground caves at places like Rick’s Café and The Rock House. Then, be ready for one of the most impressive sunsets you’ve experienced as you kick back with a Jamaican rum punch and watch the sky turn pink before it falls dark.

Negril Spring Break comes alive at places like Margaritaville, The Jungle, Bourbon Beach, Rick’s Cafe and Alfreds. The seven-mile beach lights up with bonfires and bars pulsate with music until sunrise. The magic of Negril is that it still keeps its laid back charm in the midst of this surg.

This year, do as much as you want or nothing at all and still have a great time. Join thousands of other students in this tropical paradise to party in the thatched roof beach bars on your Jamaica Spring Break


Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and is located about 90 miles south of Cuba and a 1 1/2 hour plane ride from Miami, Florida. It is about the size of Long Island, New York stretching for over 146 miles from east to west and 51 miles from north to south. As a small country it really has it all: beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, mangroves and cities. The two tourist areas we sell are Montego Bay and Negril. Montego Bay is on the North central coast and Negril is 47 miles away on the Western tip of Jamaica.


Jamaica enjoys a year round warm climate with daytime temps in the mid-80’s to low 90’s F. Evenings are generally cooler and comfortable with temperature’s in low 70’s. The sun is extremely strong and protection is highly recommended. The rainy season is in May and October. During February, March and April you will rarely encounter bad weather. The dress is very casual, so pack lightly!

Time Zone

Jamaica is in the eastern time zone but does not participate in day light savings. For example, during Spring Break it is the same time in Jamaica as it is in New York.


English is the official language in Jamaica. Although everyone speaks and understands English, Jamaicans speak a dialect known as “Patois,” a creolized or abridged version of English which might be hard to understand to most first time visitors. Most Jamaicans will be happy to teach the average tourist a thing or two about “speaking Patois.” Not to worry though. There really is no language barrier in Jamaica.


The Jamaican dollar is the only legal tender, though prices are often quoted in US dollars, which are widely accepted. The current rate is about $J125 = $1US dollar. Hard cash can be used but your best bet is to have US dollar traveller’s checks. All major brands of traveller’s checks and credit cards are accepted in Jamaica. You can exchange money at banks, licensed exchange bureaus (called Cambio’s) or hotels, though the rate at hotels is usually 2% to 5% below the bank rate. Do not exchange all of your money when you get to Jamaica. It’s best to exchange it as needed; you will lose money converting Jamaican dollars back to U.S. dollars when you depart Jamaica. Plenty of Jamaicans will approach you to change Jamaican dollars on the black market. This is illegal and the black market rate is usually only 5% better than the bank rate so why risk falling for a scam. Most restaurants and shops accept major credit cards. There are a few ATM machines available, but they run out of cash on the busier weeks of Spring Break.


As in any large resort area, Jamaicans rely on tips to survive. Please be sure to take care of the people who take care of you. These include waiters, bartenders and hotel maids. Some restaurants impose a 10% service charge on meals. Be sure to check your bill and ask if you are not clear.

What Should I bring with me?

If there are two words we use most often when asked this question, they are “pack lightly!” We like to remind people that they are only going for 1 week so pack appropriately. Remember, it is a tropical climate so there is no need for lots of warm clothing. Some important things not to forget: Important prescriptions, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, extra batteries and a camera. Leave anything valuable such as expensive jewelry or accessories at home. You won’t need them on Spring Break so why risk losing them? Also, a reminder is to pack important stuff like passport, camera, prescriptions with you so you have it on the plane close at hand. If you do forget something you can always find almost anything you need on location.

Dress Code

Jamaica and especially Negril, don’t really have a dress code. The laid back attitude also extends to what you want to wear at night. Shorts and a t-shirt is just fine! And the only reason we would recommend shoes is to protect your feet!


You can bring a hair dryer or radio and it will work the same as in the US. There is no need for any special adapters. The outlets are the same.

Calling Home

Everyone has a cell phone nowadays so check with your provider.


There is limited public transportation in Jamaica so most visitors rely on local taxis or mini buses for transportation. If you need a taxi, just stick out your hand and yell Taxi. Anybody will stop, but only vehicles bearing a red license plate are official taxis. The official taxi guarantees an insured, licensed cab and driver. Everything is negotiable in Jamaica, Taxis are no exception. Negotiate a price to your destination before you get into a cab. There are no metered cabs, and the driver sets the rate. Keep in mind that rates are higher late at night and for fewer people.


U.S citizens must carry proper proof of citizenship. Starting January 1, 2007 all U.S citizens travelling to and from the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Canada will be required to have a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States. Non-U.S citizens should contact their consulate for proper I.D. requirements. Passengers who are denied boarding or entry for improper documentation will receive no refund. You should carry all important documents with you. Very strict regulations govern international travel by minors into Mexico. Every minor must have a tourist card, proof of citizenship and sometimes other documents listed below.

• Minors travelling with both legal parents or guardians: nothing else is needed.

• Minors travelling unaccompanied or with anyone other than their legal parents or guardians: they must obtain an original notarized letter of permission signed by both parents.

• Minors travelling with only one parent: must have notarized written permission from the other parent.

(Airlines will also require the name, address and phone of the person meeting the unaccompanied minor upon arrival in Mexico.)

In the case of deceased or divorced parents: legal proof must be carried to accept just one signature on the letter. This proof (death certificate, proof of sole custody etc.) can also be shown to a notary who can then notarize an Affidavit of Sole Custody form.

New Federal Regulations require that the following information be provided: Full legal name (as it appears on your Passport ), Date of Birth, Gender, Passport Number (only if using a passport as proof of citizenship), Citizenship and Emergency Contact information. If you are a US Citizen and will be using your Birth Certificate you do not need to provide your passport number. The only way to provide this information is to visit our website at www.sunsplashtours.com (after making your reservation) and clicking on the Login In button. You will need to enter your last name and customer number.

All meals and all drinks included at the hotel
Round trip airfare (except Hotel Only packages)
Hotel accommodations
Round trip airport transfers (with flight packages)
All taxes & gratuities
Professional onsite staff
24/7 Onsite Staff
Welcome Orientation to get the lowdown on everything from safety to the best parties.
Optional All Access Party Pass
Optional Payment Plan
Optional Side Trips
Optional Travel Protection Plan
No Credit Card Fees

All Access Party Pass

Negril’s All Access Party Pass includes 7 WILD ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK PARTIES during the prime evening hours at Negril’s most popular Nightclubs & Bars, Plus you get Open Bar during the daytime between noon and 4pm at the Jamaica Tamboo beach bar. All evening theme parties will consist of OPEN BAR and FREE Entrance.. With the All AccessParty Pass there is no cover charge and no waiting in line. You just walk right up to the front of the line with your wristband, hand in your coupon and in you go!! Guaranteed! The best deal for your Spring Break! Buy Now and Save! Prices will be higher on location. **Schedule and items subject change**

  • 4 Night Package: $149.00
  • 5 Night Package: $169.00
  • 6 Night Package: $189.00
  • 7 Night Package: $219.00


4 Hours Open Bar – Welcome Kickoff Party

10:00 PM – 02:00 AM


8 Hours Open Bar – Negril’s Largest Dance Club

10:00 PM – 06:00 AM


4 Hours Open Bar – Mardi Gras Party! Contests, Prizes, And Beads

10:00 PM – 02:00 AM


5 Hours Open Bar – Transportation Included

09:00 PM – 02:00 AM


8 HOUR OPEN BAR – Ladies Night

10:00 PM – 08:00 AM


4 Hours Of Open Bar – Welcome – Farewell Party

10:00 PM – 02:00 AM


8 Hours Open Bar – Negril’s Largest Dance Club
10:00 PM – 06:00 AM


4 Hours Free Drinks With Xtreme Party Pass
12:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Side Trips



Take Off On Negril’s Only Party Catamaran! This Afternoon Cruise Explores The “Cliffs” Of Negril’s West End. Stop Off At The Pickled Parrot Or Rick’s Café For Some Snorkeling, Cliff Diving, Rope Swinging, Water Biking And The 70 Foot Water Slide. Top It Off With One Of Negril’s World Famous Sunsets. Trip Includes: Complimentary Beer, Rum Punch, Soda And Snorkeling Equipment. Departs From The Beach In Front Of Chances. Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, And Friday. Book Online Or See Your On-Island Rep For Details.




Experience The Adventure And Excitement Of Rivertubing Down The Great River. Chill Out While The River Winds Down The Mountainside To The Ocean. An Experienced Tour Guide Will Provide Commentary Pointing Out Rivers Untouched Beauty. The Tour Includes Swimming And Refreshments. Available On Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. See Your On-Island Rep To Sign Up.

9:00 am- 2:00 pm



Enjoy A Fantastic Day Trip To Jamaica’s Other Waterfall. A 60 Minute Drive Through Jamaica’s South Coast Brings You To Rolling Pastures And Farmland. The Day Promises Lots Of Swimming, diving, and Climbing, So Bring A Bathing Suit And Some Footwear. The Trip Includes Transportation, Entrance To The Park, A Full Lunch And Lots Of Fun. Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, And Friday. Book Online Or See Your On-Island Rep For Details.

9:00am – 4:00pm

Happy friends partying on the beach and dancing. Happy young people having fun at beach party, women dancing and man playing dumbek.


This Day Trip Takes You To Famous “Bloody Bay.” Sail Along Negril’s 7 Mile Beach And Round The Bend To The Beautiful Stretch Of Beach Known As Bloody Bay. You Can Swim, Snorkel, Or Simply Bask In The Sun. There Is Lots Of Music, All You Can Drink Beer And Rum Punch, For A Full Day Of Partying. The Day Concludes With A Jamaican Chicken Barbeque On The Beach.Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday And Friday. Book Online Or See Your On-Island Rep For Details..



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