Join our team of Sun Splash Tours Reps and simply spend your days talking to your friends about Spring Break.  This is a job that tops the list of the best college jobs. As a member of the team, you and thousands of outgoing, personable, motivated students work along with us to market and sell the best and most affordable Spring Break packages on your campus. If you have a lot of friends and are well connected on campus, there is no reason not be successful. This Spring Break job can earn you a FREE Spring Break trip and lots of extra cash. The only thing you need to do is agree on a destination, get a group chat going on out there on social media, get people to sign up, send us the names and we do the rest.  As a top selling rep you also enjoy exclusive VIP perks including VIP tables at the bars and clubs and free access to parties and events.

How to earn a Free Spring Break

Simply gather a group of 15 passengers for Spring Break and you travel for FREE. In addition, you earn cash for every person you bring above the first 16 passengers and get paid the highest commission in the industry! Who would not want to travel for FREE on Spring Break and have hundreds of dollars waiting for you upon you return! This requires very little time away from your social life and studies and can be very rewarding, give it a shot!

Is this Spring Break job for me?

How much fun would you have planning a once in a lifetime Spring Break trip for you and your friends? Now imagine getting paid to do it! No other college job lets you dictate the hours you want to work, meet students excited to go to Spring Break and earn your own FREE Spring Break trip and cash. Our ideal candidate is ambitious, persistent, motivated and has the ability to influence others.

Our commitment & support

We are always available via phone or email to support your entire sales effort by providing you with all the knowledge and advice to be successful. In the day of social media, it simply takes just getting the word out to your friends and classmates and we do the rest. You do not even have to collect payments, our reservation system is set up to handle it all.

Unlimited Earning Potential!

The more trips you sell, the more money and FREE Spring Break trips you earn! Our top Sales Reps have earned over $15,000 – not bad for a Spring Break job!

No cost to apply and never any obligation!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to sell Spring Break trips. We supply all the necessary tools to succeed at no cost to you. What’s more, you’re under no obligation! If at any time you feel that you do not want to continue to sell Spring Break trips, just let us know.

Refer your friends and make extra money!

Refer a friend from another school to join our team and enjoy the perks of the best college job! What’s in it for you? We’ll pay you a commission per Spring Break trip for any sale made by your referral. It’s a no-brainer; you want all your friends together for Spring Break, so why not earn money on college campuses across the Nation?

Earn Great Rewards
8-14 $30 Per Trip*
16-24 $35 Per Trip
25-39 $40 PER TRIP
40-69 $50 PER TRIP
70-99 $55 PER TRIP
100+ $60 PER TRIP


Commissions earned on sales to Domestic destinations will be $15 per trip. All commissions are retroactive meaning you will always receive the higher rate on all trips sold.

* Must sell a minimum of 8 trips to qualify for commissions.

Referred Sales

Sun Splash Tours will pay you $20 per full package sold ( for Florida or Domestic Trips) by campus reps you refer to us. You have the ability to hire sales reps to work under your umbrella at either your campus or other campuses. All you need to do is motivate them to work for Sun Splash Tours and supply us with their email, phone contact info and mailing address. A referred sale can’t be from the same group that you’re travelling with.

Did you know that Spring Break is celebrated all over the world??

VIP Treatment

Special VIP treatment is awarded to our deserving reps that sell a minimum of 15 trips. You and your group will be treated to many extra perks. Examples of last year’s perks include the following:

  • Personal Access to one of our professional on site reps.
  • Private VIP tables and best seating at the most popular clubs.
  • Complimentary Side Trips such as booze cruises, sunset cruises, jet skiing or snorkeling adventures.
  • Special day passes.
  • Free T-Shirts from the most popular bars & nightclubs.
  • Free swag from our sponsors.